English (英文科)

English Language Curriculum

The non-Chinese speaking students of our school account for about a quarter of the total number of students. They are mainly from the Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam and other countries. Our school acts as a tiny international city offering global connectivity. Both the local and non-Chinese speaking students study and grow up happily together. Taking advantage of this uniqueness, we design our English Language curriculum according to ‘AAA’ approach.  


Aspiration – we aspire to arouse students’ curiosity and creativity through PLP-RW,  KEYS Programme,  RaC Programme and a variety of interactive activities.


Amusement – we design diversified English activities and let students learn English in an authentic way.


Achievement – we encourage students to participate in different competitions to build up their confidence.

Our school-based curriculum is comprised of G.E. Programme, PLP R/W, KEYS 2 and RaC Programme.


G.E. Programme

The GE Programme is designed to equip students with grammar knowledge, reading skills, listening skills, writing skills and speaking skills. 




PLP R/W adopts a holistic approach to language learning, incorporating the four skills, with an emphasis on reading and writing in Key Stage 1. 






KEYS 2 aims to develop students’ reading and writing skills progressively throughout Key Stage 2. 




RaC Programme

The RaC Programme is thematically and linguistically linked to the core G.E. Programme. A rich array of text types (both fiction and non-fiction texts) and various reading skills are covered.




Integration of E-learning and Self-Directed Learning

Through different e-learning applications, students’ interest and motivation in learning English can be enhanced.