2020 - 2021 


[PTA07] 'Addicted to the internet' Parent Talk Through Zoom


[E103] New school year 2021-2022 arrangement


[PTA06] 'Rely on Mobile Phone' Parent Talk Through Zoom


[E102] Zoom 4WD Class


[097] Second Parents' Day (P1-P5)


[098] P.6 Parents' Day and The Results for Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) Announcement


[096] Methods of returning home at Year 2021-2022


[095] Chinese Remedial Class Special arrangement for the Summer Holiday


[E091B] Arrangements for the Rehearsal and the 68th Graduation Ceremony


[E091A] Arrangements for the Rehearsal and the 68th Graduation Ceremony


[089] Application of Household Financial Assistance Schemes 2021-2022


[E092] Exam paper perusal for parents


[093] Extra Chinese Lessons for Non-Chinese Students


[094] 'Social Little Doctor' Training Course


[E090] NCS Post-Examination Arrangements


[PTA05] Election of the PTA Executive Committee members (21-23) and PTA Annual Meeting (19-21)


[E084] Adjustment on P.6 General Studies Exam 3 Mark Weighting


[PTAE04] 2020 - 2022 Parent Manager By-Election Results


[087] Workshop Regarding on "How to Let Children Surf the Internet Safely"


[083] Primary Six Students Outdoor Graduation Camp


[E080] The 3rd Examination


[E085] Advise to use mobile phones well and not to fall into the trap of breaking the law


[E082] Zoom Extracurricular Activity Class


[E081] Workshop Regarding on "How to Let Children Surf the Internet Safely"


[075] Stakeholders Questionnaires ( Parents )


[078] Collect Information about Students' Siblings


[E076] Joyful Fruit Month 2021


[077] Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System - Central Allocation of 2019-21


[E064] Homestar of Positive Thinking


[E070] Changeover of Summer School Uniforms


[E071] "Positive Discipline" Parent Workshop


[068] First Parents' Day and Exam Paper Perusal for P.6 Parents (P5-P6)


[E068] First Parents' Day (P1-P4)


[E067] Face-to-face Class Arrangements after Mid-March and Precautionary Measures to Prevent COVID-19 after Class Resumption


[E063] Mung Yeung TV Mascot Design Parent-Child Competition


[E058] List of 1st Term Intercurricular Awards


[E057] Face-To-Face Class Arrangements after Lunar New Year Holidays and Precautionary Measures to Prevent Covid-19 after Class Resumption


[E056] The 2nd Formative Assessment (P.1-5) and The 2nd Examination (P.6) in The School Year 2020-2021


2020-2021 The 2nd Examination (P.6) Syllabus


[E055] Primary One Dental Care Service Appointment


[E054] Continuation of Suspension of Face-to-Face Classes for P.1 to P.6 : The Arrangements


[E052] Arrangements of Further Suspension of Face-to-Face Classes for P.1 to P.6


E051_2021_Early Identification and Intervention Programme for Primary One Students with Learning Difficulties


E050_2021_Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) Application for Cross-Net Allocation


E049_2021_Arrangement of Face-to-Face Class Suspension for P.1 to P.6


E048_2021_Cultural Day


047_2021_Arrangement of Face-to-Face Class Suspension for P.1 to P.4


E042_2021_P.1 to P.5 Formative Assessment & P.6 Exam Paper Perusal for Parents & Signature of Attached Reply Slip


046_2021_Case of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection in P.4


045_2021_Suspension of Face-to-Face Classes in P.4A


044_2021_Application for ‘Cash Food Vouchers and Meal Vouchers’


041_2021_Online Learning of Students at Home


040_2021_Arrangement of E-Notice


039_2021_Parent Education Programmes for NCS Parents (2020/21 School Year)


038_2021_First Parents’ Day and Briefing of Secondary School Places Allocation (P6)


037_2021_Distribution of ‘Introduction of the Leaflet and CD-ROM about the Secondary School Places Allocation’


035_2021_Supplementary Information about Seasonal Influenza Vaccination at School


034_2021_Change of Winter School Uniform


033_2021_Chinese Remedial Class on Saturdays and some school holidays


032_2021_Arrangement for 'online learning at all levels during the suspension of face-to-face classed due to the epidemic'


031_2021_Dental Care Service Appointment


030_2021_Immunisation for Primary One and Primary Six Pupils


029_2021_Prostpone school picnic and the following holiday


028_2021_Application for Provision of Student Grant in 2020/2021


027_2021_The Fomative Assessment (P1-5) and The First Examination (P6)


026_2021_Application for 'Cash Food Vouchers'


023_2021_'Free Lunch at Schools' for 2020-2021


022_2021_ 2020-2021 Extra-curricular activity details


021_2021_Dress Casual Day 2020


020_2021_"Mung Yeung Miles" E-reward Scheme


019_2021_Seasonal Influenza Vaccination School Outreach (Free of Charge)


018_2021_Application for bringing mobile phone or smart watch with communication function to school


017_2021_Arrangements of Class Resumption and Precautionarv Measures to Prevent New Pneumonia after Class Resumption


016_2021_Online Reading Programs and Loss of Books Compensation


015_2021_Study Tour of Excellence


014_2021_"Principal's Message"


013_2021_Community Care Fund Assistance Programme - Provision of Subsidy to Needy Primary and Secondary Students for Purchasing Mobile Computer Devices to Facilitate the Practice of e-Learning


012_2021_Preview of Learning Support Programmes & Financial Status Declaration


011_2021_Parent Statement and Instructions for using "ZOOM Video Teaching"


010_2021_ 2020-2021 School-based Speech Therapy Services Speech Therapy Service Arrangements


009_2021_ 2020-2021 School-based Speech Therapy Services


007_2021_After school Remedial Class


006_2021_Intensive Remedial Class


005_2021_Chinese Language Learning Support for the NCS


004_2021_P.1 to P.6 Online Parents' Meeting(Zoom)


003_2021_Permission to use Pupils' image(Privacy Ordinance)


002_2021_Payment of 2020-2021 Miscellaneous Fee


001d_2021_Arrangement of School Day in the First Week and Home Study


001c_2021_Arrangement of School Day in the First Week and Home Study


001b_2021_Arrangement of School Day in the First Week and Home Study


001a_2021_Arrangement of School Day in the First Week and Home Study