Our learning and teaching

In the face of the challenges of the 21st century, apart from acquiring the knowledge of traditional subjects, our students are required to have good language proficiency, skills of Mathematics and Science, and the talent of innovation.


With a rigorous attitude, we design our school-based curriculum and teaching activities in response to learning content and student abilities. We use appropriate textbooks and e-learning elements, so that our students can be equipped with the learning and innovation abilities of the 21st century. We also foster our students’ spirit of pursuing learning and lay the foundation of lifelong learning.


Learning and Teaching – Cater for Learner Diversity


  • Set up a double class teacher system to take care of students.
  • Additional local and non-Chinese speaking teaching assistants to cater for learning differences of students of different races.
  • Arrange "Individual Study Plan" for students in need, and set up follow-up plan for students.
  • Provide individual students with test adjustment and assignment adjustment arrangements according to their learning needs.
  • Arrange after-school tutoring classes and intensive tutoring classes.
  • Provides pull-out intensive remedial teaching for Primary One to Primary Six students with lower academic performance.

 Individual learning tutoring

Homework tutoring class


Non-Chinese speaking assistant assists local and non-Chinese speaking students to learn Chinese






Key Developments in Major Subjects


  1. We continue to implement various reading activities to enhance students' reading interest and ability. In addition, we have purchased a series of books and provided an extended reading class to let students enjoy free reading in the classroom and take initiative to read a series of books.


  1. Our students actively participate in external competitions which build a platform for students to demonstrate their abilities. Our students have achieved great results in calligraphy, poem recitation, and writing competitions.



  1. We encourage students to use Quizlet (a word learning software) and Raz-kids (an electronic reading programme) for independent learning.


  1. We design a writing booklet at all levels to help students learn English writing step by step.


  1. We participate in PLP-R/W to improve students' reading and writing skills. In addition, we also carry out the KEYS program at P.4 to train students in writing through systematic teaching procedures.



  1. We produce ‘Mathematics Secrets’ at all levels to help non-Chinese speaking students learn Mathematics.


  1. We provide different online learning platform to facilitate students’ learning.


  1. We publish ‘Mathematics Newsletter’ to help students learn Mathematics through reading.


General Studies:

  1. With the General Studies as the main axis, ‘STEM Inquiry Activity Week’ is launched to allow students to make physical production through systematic inquiry procedures, to cultivate students' theoretical knowledge, operating skills and scientific research attitudes.


  1. We launch Science Inquiry Activity Week and optimize the scientific exploration activities. Students in all levels will base on a scientific research topic to explore. Through the combination of theoretical knowledge and operational skills, the principles will gradually be discovered.


  1. We deepen students' understanding of local culture and learn the inheritance of history and culture. We also tailor the curriculum of P.4 and P.5 by incorporating the study of Kam Tin and Ping Shan Walled Village, and allowing students to use the EduVenture electronic platform for field visits.


  1. We set up Robotic Production classes after school, and encourage students to participate in STEM competitions from time to time to increase students' interest and understanding of STEM. Our students have won many awards in this aspect.