School Notices

Important notes (Nov 25 to Nov 30):

Dear Parents,
In view of the current social uncertainties and security considerations, students will leave school at 3:30 pm from Nov 25 (Mon) to Nov 29 (Fri). All after-school activities and classes will be cancelled until further announcement. All extra-curricular activities and classes (except Gymnastics Class) on November 30 (Saturday) will be cancelled until further notice. We would advise parents to remind their children to avoid being in dangerous places. Please keep an eye on personal safety. Thank you for your attention!


2020-2021 Secondary School Information

055/19_The 1st School Examination

054/19_'The Prohibition of Face Covering Regulation' will be effective on October 5, 2019

053/19_Pamphlet Cover Design Competition of 1st Annual Sports Day

052/19_Dream Comes Time - Career Training Program

051/19_'Social Little Doctor' Training Course (Primary 4)

050/19_'Social Little Doctor' Training Course (Primary 3)

2019_2020 School Picnic Notice for Parents and Students

049/19_H2OPE Visit

048/19_Chinese  Remedial Class on Saturday and some school hoildays

046/19_Seasonal Influenza Vaccination School Outreach (Free of Charge)

045/19_Dress Casual Day 2019

043/19_Speech Therapy Service Arrangements

042/19_Saturday Basketball Class (Notice of Acceptance)

041/19_Tuesday Lion Dance Class (Notice of Acceptance)

040/19_Saturday Children's Dancing Class (Notice of Acceptance)

039/19_Saturday Ukulele Class (Notice of Acceptance)

038/19_Friday Cub Scouts  (Notice of Acceptance)

037/19_Saturday Taekwondo Class (Notice of Acceptance)

036/19_Monday Recorder Class (Notice of Acceptance)

035/19_Tuesday Erhu Class (Notice of Acceptance)

034/19_School Gymnastics Team

033/19_Tuesday Drone Class (Notice of Acceptance)

032/19_Friday Brownies (Notice of Acceptance)

031/19_Tuesday English Storytelling Class (Notice of Acceptance)

030/19_School Picnic

029/19_2019-2020 School-based Speech Therapy Services

028/19_Singapore Environmental and Science Exploration Study Tour (4 days)

024/19_1st School Sports Day 2019-2020

022/19_Remedial Class

012/19 NCS Classes

PTA_08_Donation of used school uniforms and textbooks

135_New school year 2019 - 2020 arrangement

134_Methods of returning home in Year 2019 - 2020

133_P.6 Parents' Day and The Results for Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) Announcement

132_Second Parents' Day (P1-P5)

131_Special Arrangements for the Rehearsal Day and the 66th Graduation Ceremony

130_Hong Kong Museum Visit for Newly-Arrived Children

129_Post - examination arrangement and Summer Holiday arrangement for NCS

PTA_07_The Result of 9th Parent Executive Committee Election (Year 2019 - 2021)

128_Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Public Library Visit

127_Hong Kong Museum of History Visit

126_Hong Kong Heritage Museum Leisure and Cultural Services Department Visit

125_Extra Chinese lesson for Non-Chinese Students

123_Application for Household Financial Assistance Schemes 2019-2020

122_Post - examination arrangement

116_"Positive Parenting" Parent Talk

115_The 3rd School Examination

PTA_06_Election of the PTA Executive Committee members (19-21) and PTA Annual Meeting(17-19)

112_The 2nd Music KOL Program - Joint School Music Show

PTA_05_The 9th Parent Executive Committee Election (2019-2021) Cum General Assembly of the PTA of  Kam Tin Mung Yeung Public School

111_Department of Health "" Campaign Joyful Fruit Month 2019

110_No Phone Joint School Parent-Child BBQ Fun Day

109_Reading for Empathy, Reading against Poverty!

107_Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System - Central Allocation of 2017-19

106_Fire Station Visit


104_'Social Little Doctor' Training Course (Primary 2)

103_'Prevention of Hepatitis B Vaccine, Epidemic Mumps and German Measles for P.1 and P.6

099_The Second School Examination paper for your perusal

094_Concerns over students to avoid being affected by distressing online games and videos

092_Student Health Service

090_Yuen Long District Inter-school Basketball Competition (Boys)

089_Legislative Council Visit

088_School Gymnastics Team

087_'Some Influenza Cases in P.2'

086_The Early Identification and Intervention of Learning Difficulties Programme for Primary One Pupils

085_The 2nd School Examination

083_Kind Reminder about 'Winter Influenza'

082_M+ West Kowloon Cultural District Visit

081_Ho Koon Nature Education Visit

079_2018-2019 Scientific Inquiry Activity Week

078_Shanghai History and Technology Exploration Study Tour (3 days)

077_Immunisation for Primary One and Primary Six Pupils

076_School game play

075_Riding School Visit

02_18_'One Person, One Flower Caring Action'

071_Christmas Fun Day(2018-2019) Organized by Hong Kong Girl Guides- Yuen Long Division

070_'Positive Thinking at School' Parent-Child Slogan Creation Activity

069_2018 End of Year Class Party and English Fun Day

068_Pipe Organ Education Concert

067_Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) Application for Cross-Net Allocation

066_18_Exam paper perusal parent

065_18_The 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival - English Drama Competition

064_18_The 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

062_18_HomeStar of positive Thinking

061_18_First Parents' Day and Briefing of Secondary School Places Allocation (P6)

060_18_First Parents' Day (P1-P5)

059_18_Particpation in 'HK Open Chanmpionship (Golf)' Guided Tour

058_18_Invitation to Participate in Joint School Carnival and Kam Tin Friendly Market

057_18_Invitation to participate in the 'Research Study on the Independent Mobility of Primary School Students in Hong Kong'

056_18_Chinese Orchestra Concert

055_18_Leadership Training Event

054_18_A 'chickenpox' case in P.3

053_18_A 'Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease' (HFMD) case in P.4

052_18_Questionnaire on the Arrangements for the Primary 3 Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) 2019

051_18_Recruitment of Volunteers for Parent-Child Flag Selling Campaign Organized by 'Against Child Abuse'

050_18_Yuen Long District Inter-school Athletic Sport Events

047_18_Homework and Dictation Adjustment

045_18_Saturday Modern Dance Class

043_18_2018-2019 School-based Speech Therapy Services

041_18_The 1st School Examination

PTA_001_18_Registration of Parent Volunteer Information Sheet

040_18_School Picnic

039_18_After-School English Writing Class

038_18_Mainland Exchange Programme for Junior Secondary and Upper Primary Students Shanghai History and Technology Exploration Study Tour (3 days)

037_18_Wednesday Recorder Class (Whole year)

036_18_Dress Casual Day 2018

035_18_Create a "Caring" Campus --- Dress Casual On Birthday

033_18_"Easy to Learn Mathematics" Class

032_18_A 'Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease' (HFMD) case in P.2

018_18_Assembly for 4th N.T. Pack

022_18_2018-2019 Intention Survey of Extra-curricular Activities

021_18_Chinese Remedial Class on Saturday and some school holidays

020_18_Selection of Athletes in Yuen Long District Inter-school Sport Event

010_18_Permission to use Pupils' image (Privacy Ordinance)

009_18_Payment of 2018-2019 Miscellaneous Fee

008_18_General Reminder for New School Year

006_18_Anti-mosquito measures in school

005_18_Consent form for School Lunch Subsidy

004_18_'Free Lunch at Schools' for 2018-2019

003_18_Application for bring mobile photo to school

002_18_Parents Workshop - The Primary Literacy Programme, Reading/Writing (PLP-RW)

001_18_Extra Chinese lesson for Non-Chinese Students

120_17_Principal Personnel Change

113_17_New school year 2018-2019 arrangement