School Notices

055_18_Leadership Training Event

054_18_A 'chickenpox' case in P.3

053_18_A 'Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease' (HFMD) case in P.4

052_18_Questionnaire on the Arrangements for the Primary 3 Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) 2019

051_18_Recruitment of Volunteers for Parent-Child Flag Selling Campaign Organized by 'Against Child Abuse'

050_18_Yuen Long District Inter-school Athletic Sport Events

047_18_Homework and Dictation Adjustment

045_18_Saturday Modern Dance Class

043_18_2018-2019 School-based Speech Therapy Services

041_18_The 1st School Examination

PTA_001_18_Registration of Parent Volunteer Information Sheet

040_18_School Picnic

039_18_After-School English Writing Class

038_18_Mainland Exchange Programme for Junior Secondary and Upper Primary Students                   Shanghai History and Technology Exploration Study Tour (3 days)

037_18_Wednesday Recorder Class (Whole year)

036_18_Dress Casual Day 2018

035_18_Create a "Caring" Campus --- Dress Casual On Birthday

033_18_"Easy to Learn Mathematics" Class

032_18_A 'Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease' (HFMD) case in P.2

018_18_Assembly for 4th N.T. Pack

022_18_2018-2019 Intention Survey of Extra-curricular Activities

021_18_Chinese Remedial Class on Saturday and some school holidays

020_18_Selection of Athletes in Yuen Long District Inter-school Sport Event

010_18_Permission to use Pupils' image (Privacy Ordinance)

009_18_Payment of 2018-2019 Miscellaneous Fee

008_18_General Reminder for New School Year

006_18_Anti-mosquito measures in school

005_18_Consent form for School Lunch Subsidy

004_18_'Free Lunch at Schools' for 2018-2019

003_18_Application for bring mobile photo to school

002_18_Parents Workshop - The Primary Literacy Programme, Reading/Writing (PLP-RW)

001_18_Extra Chinese lesson for Non-Chinese Students

120_17_Principal Personnel Change

113_17_New school year 2018-2019 arrangement