Extra-curricular Activities
How Memory Sticks: 3-D Printing Lesson

Our school had the privilege of hosting the team from the Jockey Club ‘How Memory Sticks 2.0’ Arts Tech and Culture Education Programme’. They led P4 students on a journey called ‘Knock Knock Hong Kong - The Way of Life.’
The students learnt the structure of early tenement buildings (tong lau) and their relationship to architectural styles and urban development in the previous lesson. Then, using teaching materials such as building components, signage, objects, and figures, the students assembled their own unique tong lau. The students transform their discoveries and experiences from the cultural awareness class into their own ‘letter-frame handcraft designs’ and then utilise 3D printing technology to create their own eighteen district patterns.


When traditional culture meets innovative technology, it allows us to experience the charm of Chinese culture in a brand new way.


For more details of the event, please visit the following website: