Extra-curricular Activities
P6 English Library activity: Parachute Egg Drop

Ever pondered how a simple piece of fabric can defy gravity and transform a free fall into a delicate descent, safeguarding an egg from the force of impact?


In the P6 English library lesson, as an extended activity of the book ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, students had the chance to make an egg parachute. 


The parachute egg drop experiment explores the principles of gravity and air resistance. Participants design and construct a parachute that will slow the descent of an egg dropped from a certain height. The goal is to protect the egg from cracking upon impact. 


This hands-on activity engages students in physics concepts, emphasising the relationship between surface area and air resistance. It encourages problem-solving skills as individuals or teams tweak their parachute designs to achieve the best results. 


The experiment not only educates on scientific principles but also fosters creativity and critical thinking in a practical context.